Shower Remodeling

Upgrading the shower in your home bathroom does not have to cost a fortune anymore. This kind of project can be done efficiently and with a quick turnaround time with the help of the professionals at Ted Denning Kitchen and Bath. Our shower remodeling can include a little or a lot of new add-ons which include the following:

  • Tile – There is no shortage of options when it comes to choosing a new kind of tile for your shower. Some of those options include slate, ceramic, marble and porcelain shower tile.
  • Doors – A glass shower door is not limited to one particular type. Shower doors come in all kinds of styles and designs. This is an important part of a shower remodel as a new door can really change the look of your entire bathroom.
  • Fixtures – All kinds of shower fixtures are available and differ according to taste. Many styles are available to create the perfect theme for your new shower. The right fixtures can serve as a kind of exclamation point in your new shower.

Luxury Shower Remodel Services

Homeowners can turn their shower into a more luxurious model. Comfort and beauty can both be achieved by upgrading to a new luxury shower. Luxury could mean having quite a bit of space in your new shower. The team at Ted Denning Kitchen and Bath can extend your shower so space is no longer a problem, but rather a luxury. There are an abundance of beautiful materials to choose from and that includes, tile, fixtures, doors and much more. But not all shower remodeling has to come with a costly price tag. Small shower remodel can include a few new upgrades while still changing the look of your bathroom.

Add-on featuresShower Remodel Services in Omaha NE

Recessed areas in a shower are always a possibility and there is also the option of including a shelf or a chair. Some showers are made especially for seniors or those who have issues with their mobility. Cement shower pans are one more option and glass blocks provide a very fresh look to any shower.

Shower and Tub Replacement

When you are tired of looking at your old shower or tub, all it takes is one phone call to Ted Denning Kitchen and Bath and a whole new bathroom can be yours. Our team of experts can also extend your shower and change up the overall measurements. Even in more unconventional bathrooms, there is a way to make the appropriate fit with a newly installed shower of your choice. Walk-in showers and L-shaped tile showers are also available. Ted Denning Kitchen and Bath can customize your new shower and that it can also include custom shower doors. New shower head systems can complete your shower remodel and provide an extra feeling of comfort.

Ted Denning Kitchen and Bath can upgrade your old shower, replace it entirely or build a new one from scratch.

The choice is yours as years of experience in bathroom shower design are ready to work for you.